Our program should achieve its mission through

  • Creating a modern educational and research environment that  attracts caliber and top-ranking students from both inside    and out side .

 Graduating a mechanical power engineer who is distinguished academically,professionally, ethically, and is highly competitive in the professional field.

• Providing an attractive working environment for staff members, assistants, administrators and technicians to encourage them for continuous giving and dedication.

• Developing student and society-serving labs, and improving the capabilities of all the  educational elements of the program.

• Establishing a mechanism for assessing the society strategic needs , the future objectives and plans of the faculty, and the demands local and regional marketplace as well.

• Enhancing relationships among the department staff, graduates and relevant stakeholders in the industrial, educational and societal institutions.  

• Continuously improving the program management systems along with refining skills and capabilities of administrators and technicians.  

Effectuating and improving sustainable development mechanisms for enhancing scientific research and post-graduate systems in the program.

• Providing access to knowledge resources for keeping abreast with the latest developments in the mechanical power engineering field.

• Attracting and providing funds and logistic resources for the services and facilities that can  be obtained from the different institutions and sources.

• Developing and upgrading the program bylaws to be up to-date with the scientific and technical developments and innovations in order to qualify graduates for meeting the market demands.

• Assisting and continuously  following up graduates in getting trained, finding suitable jobs and doing post-graduates as well.

• Enhancing the graduates technical and social potentialities to pursue their roles in the society after graduation. 

• Maximizing all the program distinguished aspects, and enhancing the role of modern and information technologies, virtual lab applications, modern engineering packages in all the educational, informational, administrative and society-related activities.