MEP 214 Fluid Mechanics (2)   (3+2)

(Continuation of the contents of the first term) Introduction and fundamental Concepts of fluids – Statics of fluids – Characterization of fluid flow – Integral equations – Basic equations: conservation of mass, momentum and energy – Bernoulli’s equation – Application on momentum and Bernoulli’s equations – Viscous flow in ducts and pipes – Basics of dimensional analysis and dynamic similarity.


MDP 202 Engineering Materials (4+2)

Mechanical testing of metals under conditions of: impact, fatigue and thermal creep – Non-destructive tests – Heat treatment of steel – Alloy steels – High speed steel and heat treatment – Surface treatment of steel -Non- ferrous metals and alloys; copper and its alloys and aluminum and its alloys – Age hardening – Bearing alloys – Polymers and composites – Ceramics.

MDP 206 Theory of Mechanisms and Machines (4+2)

Kinematic analysis of mechanisms and machines: position, velocity and acceleration, motion geometry (analytical, graphical and computer assisted methods) – Cam and cam / follower mechanisms – Static and dynamic force analysis – Turning moments and flywheels- Dynamics of reciprocating engines – Balancing – Gear Trains – Simple Gyroscopes – Applications


MDP 204 Machine Design (1) (2+2) (2+2)

Design procedures – Factors affecting design details – Selection of materials – Modes of loading – Safety factors and allowable stresses – Design of detachable joints: (threaded joints, keys and splines) – Design of permanent joints: (welding, interference fitting, riveting, adhesion) – Design of some machine elements: springs, power screws – Thin pipes and pressure vessels – Seals – Design of hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders – Application of computer aided design.


MDP 208 Metal Joining Engineering (2+1)

Metal joining processes – Riveting- Welding – Sources of thermal energy in welding – Operations of fusion welding – Specifications of welding materials – Electric resistance welding – Soldering and brazing – Heat transfer in welding processes – Metallurgical changes – Welding defects – Inspection of welds – Planning of welding processes

MTH 213 (B) Mathematics and Computers (2+1) (3+1)

Mathematics:  Partial differential equations – Matrices – Functions of complex variables.

Computer: Components of computer – Flow charts – Introduction to FORTRAN and BASIC languages.


GEN 213 Profession Ethics and Legislations (2+-)

Introduction to law (specifications of legal rule, general purposes of law, foundations and sources of the laws) – Contracts (nature, types, components) – Laws governing contracts (civil and commercial laws, corporations laws, laws of biddings and offers in governmental tenders, international laws) – Contract management (insurance, guaranties, demands and allegations, litigation) – Laws related to mechanical engineering (industrial taxes, environmental laws, urban planning laws, man-power laws, professional organizations such as syndicates, etc.)