1• Applied Thermo Dynamics -MEP302 

Lecture: 3 hrs/wk     Tutorial: 2 hrs/w    Total: 5 hrs/wk


Second-law analysis of actual thermodynamic processes

Cycles of Steam Power Plants


Fundamentals of Refrigeration

Introduction to Internal Combustion Engines

Fuel-Air Cycle of Internal Combustion Engines

Gas Turbine Cycle Analysis

Reciprocating Compressors

2•Heat and Mass Transfer-MEP304A 

Lecture: 3 hrs/wk     Tutorial: 2 hrs/w    Total: 5 hrs/wk


Conduction Heat Transfer:

General Equation of Conduction

One-Dimensional Steady State Conduction

Steady State Conduction with Internal Heat Generation

Steady Conduction With Variable Thermal Conductivity

Fins and Extended Surfaces

Unsteady Conduction

Convection Heat Transfer:

Fundamental Concepts of Convection

Dimensionless Groups

Natural Convection Correlations

Fundamentals of External Flow Forced Convection

Flat Plate Parallel Flow

Flow Across Banks of Tubes

Internal Flow Forced Convection

  3•Measurement and Measuring Instrument – MEP305

Lectures: 2 hrs/wk           Tutorial/Practical: 3 hrs/wk             Total: 5 hrs/wk


Basic fundamentals of measurements

Signal processing& Exp. analysis

Electrical Transducers

Pressure measurements

Temperature measurements

Flow measurements

Thermal Properties

Force & Torque & Power Measurements

Dimensional Measurements

Fuels oil measurements, Gas Analyzer

4•Numerical Methods in Energy Sciences-MEP301

Lecture: 3 hrs/wk     Tutorial: 3 hrs/w    Total: 6 hrs/wk


Numerical Integration

Solution of Ordinary Differential Eq.

Solution of Non- Linear Differential Eq.

Solution of Linear Simultaneous D.E.

Finite Difference &2nd order  Partial D.E.

Parabolic D.E.

Elliptic D.E.

Interpolation , Approximation & curve fitting

5- Fluid Mechanics-MEP303A

Lecture: 3 hrs/wk     Tutorial: 2 hrs/w    Total: 5 hrs/wk

 Course Contents:

Chapter 1: Differential equation of mass conservation  

Driving Navier-Stokes equations (linear momentum) for  Newtonian fluids, angular momentum and energy equations

Chapter 2: Viscous flow in pipes and ducts

Flow between parallel plates with pressure gradients

Chapter 3: Differential equations for frictionless flow

    Stream and potential functions, vorticity, irrotationality elementary plane-flow solutions

Superposition of plane-flows and Images

    Plane flows past closed body shapes, axi-symmetric flows theory

Lift & drag on submerged bodies in ideal flow

Chapter 4: Introduction to Boundary Layer flows, the differential equations, Exact equations for 2-D flow 

Blasius exact solution for laminar flow, the Momentum Integral equations

  Approximate solutions for 2-D laminar and turbulent boundary layers

Thermal Boundary Layer over a flat plate